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There’s no better time than “right now” to begin practicing good oral care routine habits when it comes to your child’s oral health. Fortunately, pediatric dental care can help ensure that your child’s teeth and gums are free from decay and more serious dental problems.

Here at Saddle Brook Family Dentistry in Saddle Brook NJ, your dentists Dr. Edward Suchora and Dr. Blaze Fraser offer pediatric dentistry treatments that will help you keep on top of your child’s oral health.

An Early Start to Oral Care is Very Vital

Ideally, oral care should begin as early as your child’s infant years. Whether your child is breastfed or bottle-fed, you must start implementing some kind of oral care routine as early as possible. Likewise, if you haven’t yet, ensure that child visits your Saddle Brook Dentist NJ before she or he turns one year old.

So what can your dentist do for your child during these visits? Your dentist will give your child’s gums and teeth a thorough inspection and clean the teeth to eliminate the buildup of plaque. Professional cleanings are very crucial to preventing the harmful effects of bacteria that could eventually result in gum disease and tooth decay, among others.

Your pediatric dentist will likewise perform other preventive care treatments such as dental sealants, fluoride treatments, or fitting mouth guards for teeth grinding or sports, as needed.

Valuable Oral Hygiene Tips from Your Pediatric Dentist

Aside from professional treatments, your Saddle Brook Dentist NJ will also give you expert advice on how you can care for your child’s oral health at home. This includes proper and modified ways to brush and floss the teeth, as well as extra information according to the specific condition of your child’s dental health. You’ll also be given tips on proper eating habits for your child, further treatment recommendations (if required), and a dental schedule that you should strictly follow.

Remember, your child’s primary teeth are vital for the developmental stages ahead. It will be up to parents to follow their dentist’s advice to keep their child’s oral health in top shape for as long as possible.

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Dial (201) 368-9222 to arrange a visit with your dentist Dr. Edward Suchora or Dr. Blaze Fraser of Saddle Brook Family Dentistry here in Saddle Brook NJ.

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