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Broken Crown? We Can Help

Millions of people have had their smiles restored with the help of dental crowns! If you are one of the lucky people who have been helped by dental crowns, you know how much they can change your life. Unfortunately, however, they are still not as strong as your original teeth. If you have a broken crown we can help! Saddle Brook Family Dentistry will repair your broken crown to make your like-new teeth perfect again. If your crown has become cracked, chipped, or damaged visit Dr. Blaze Fraser and Dr. Edward Suchora in Saddle Brook, NJ. Sometimes breaking a crown is unavoidable, but you shouldn't avoid the repairs. If your crown is broken get it fixed as soon as possible to prevent any further injury to yourself.

Common Ways to Break a Dental Crown

  • Nightly Teeth Grinding
  • Severe Trauma to the Face or Mouth
  • Serious Fall
  • Excessive Biting Force
  • Natural wear and tear
  • Sporting Injury

What to do if you Break a Dental Crown?

Breaking a crown may not seem like an urgent issue, but depending on where or how it broke it can cause serious problems for your health. An exposed or damaged tooth left untreated can create an abscess or infection. If you happen to break your dental crown in any way call your Saddle Brook dentist as soon as possible.

Upon breaking your crown, try to find the chipped piece, if possible, and be sure not to swallow any other fractured pieces. In the case of serious mouth trauma, you may need to see an emergency dentist. Otherwise, your dentist will set up an appointment for you to repair or replace your crown. Some people experience increased sensitivity to the affected area so watch what you eat or drink in the meantime to protect your weak teeth. Check to see if your tooth is damaged in any other way because if so it could affect the replacement process. Take it easy for a while and do not put too much pressure on the broken area. Your dentist will be able to fix your crown in no time.

If you ever have a broken crown, Saddle Brook Family Dentistry can help! Call us at (201) 368-9222 if you have any questions or concerns about your dental crowns. Dr. Suchora and Dr. Fraser want to ensure your dental health is in good hands, visit us today in Saddle Brook, NJ, for all of your dental needs.

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